Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey Ya'll!!! Welcome to my blog. First off I'll let you know i started this to mainly talk...and maybe through my experiences someone else might learn something or even get some good ideas...Hey ya never know now days. I guess you guys are all wondering who the heck I am...Well I'm Amy (Just Plain Momma)...and I guess you guessed from the way I talk that I am from the South. (Mississippi to be exact) I was born in the South, Raised in the South and so are my kids. I am married to "Red" and have been since October 30, 2002. We dated all through school...even before High School and after High School we kind of lost tough for about 6 years...but low and behold God had a plan. During those 6 years I had a daughter..."Hero" (2002) but nothing else in that time happened that really mattered...just her...she mattered more than anything in the World and still to this day. Well after we got back together...We had our 1st daughter together "Brylei-Face" (Kinda like Smilye Face since she is always so smiley most of the time) in 2004. Soon after she was born Red joined the Army and off the Basic Training and AIT he went...then we moved to Louisiana!!! Yippee!!! (Yeah Right) We lived there for quite awhile...met alot of great people and even greater friends. Well we got news Red was suppose to head over to that Big Sandbox and figured we'd try once more for a little in 2005 we had our last daughter..."DramaMomma"...yep another girl...Oh well. We didn't get a boy but he didn't get sent to the Big Sandbox either... Now he got out of the Army in 2006 due to Medical Issues then back to Mississippi we came. We lived life alittle more and in 2007 we had our BOY "Chunky Monkey" And well now here we 2008...I hope you have learned alittle bit about me and will come back and visit. Ya'll Come Back Now Ya Hear!!!

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